Successful Harden Kite Festival and Boorowa Woolfest

John Walker
John Walker

With successful Harden Kite Festival and Boorowa Woolfest behind us, the Hilltops region is prepared for the National Cherry Festival. The huge dimension of festivities around the local icon attracts visitors to enjoy the local atmosphere.

Already the cherry harvest draws to Young a strength and range of characters and cultures making it unique in diversity. Added this year in the industry is the access to international markets that places this region squarely on the word scene – so why not celebrate in style.

I extend my thanks to the National Cherry Festival Committee and the Young and Hilltops Region Visitors Information Centre for preparing the district for that opportunity. It is said, “The reason so many people never get anywhere in life is because, when opportunity knocks, they are out in the backyard looking for four-leaf clover.” The cherry is our four-leaf clover and the opportunity knocks to share and enjoy.

As we peruse the program of events contained within the 69th National Cherry Festival program, one cannot help but recognise that behind each event are hours of work by dedicated individuals and committees, and of course sponsors.

Actually, I was interstate, when on national television I viewed the report on the sale of the first case of cherries for charity. As part of the occasion was our Cherry Queen entrants Amelia Everdell and Clare Grantham promoting this region. Congratulations to these fine young ladies for this role within the cherry industry and as part of the program of events of the Festival. More importantly to me is how they typified the huge amount of time and energy invested in promoting the Hilltops region so that we all may benefit. Behind the scenes they also have employers and families in close support – thank you to all.

The program allows us to share much more local talent from the activities demonstrating works of producers, artists, musicians and entertainers at many venues throughout Young and over several days. The hive of activities set an atmosphere to culminate with the 69th National Cherry Festival Street Parade, Cherry Queen Coronation Ceremony, the Massed Pipes and Drums Spectacular, and the announcement of parade participant segment winners. Something for everyone – get involved and enjoy.

– John Walker

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