The Biodynamics Journey Continues At Hanaminno

Biodynamics Workshop Hanaminno
Biodynamics Workshop Hanaminno
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The Biodynamics journey continues at local property Hanaminno with Charlie Arnott set to host a two day Biodynamics Preparations Making workshop on Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd April 2019.

Facilitated together with Hamish MacKay, Executive Director of Biodynamics 2024, the two day workshop will teach participants how to make Winter biodynamic preparations and an understanding of how seasonal preparations contribute to soil fertility, balance and regenerative ecological outcomes.

Biodynamics is a holistic, environmentally sound, science based organic gardening and farming method proven for nearly a century all over the world.

Charlie has been using Biodynamic practices at Hanaminno for over ten years. “Biodynamics promotes the creation of organic matter and enriches and deepens topsoil, significantly improving its ability to retain water and produce high quality plants, food and fibre. It’s a very low cost, low input practice and we easily incorporate it into our normal daily farming and gardening schedule at Hanaminno.

“One of the great things about the biodynamic method is you don’t need any fancy gear and the main ingredient, cow manure, is available in abundance out in the paddock.” The Biodynamic Preparation Making Workshop adds to the growing suite of sustainable farming learning opportunities offered at Hanminno.

“There has been keen interest and attendance at our Biodynamics courses over many years and the community has expressed their desire to learn more. We’re excited to offer this next step.” Charlie said

Biodynamics Workshop Hanaminno

“During the workshop we’ll cover the basic principles of Biodynamics, so while an understanding of Biodynamics would be helpful, it is not a prerequisite. We welcome anyone to attend from broad acre farmers to livestock producers and local gardening enthusiasts.” October of last year Charlie was awarded the prestigious Bob Hawke National Landcare Award. The award acknowledges a person who has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to caring for the land, champions better practices, and gives their time to share knowledge with others. Charlie says on farm workshops are an important part of his contribution to what he calls an “agriCulture of the 21st century”. Through training opportunities and shared experiences, he hopes more farmers are inspired to adopt organic and biodynamic regenerative practices on their properties so they too can benefit from enhanced landscape resilience, biodiversity, healthy plants, and animals.

Biodynamic Preparations Making Workshops will be held every Autumn and Spring at Hanaminno and will offer a hands on experience to participants so they can immediately apply their learnings in their own gardens and landscapes.

For bookings and more information visit or phone 6385 3217. Please register by Friday, 29th March.

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