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The Colour Of Water

Written by: Mayor Brian Ingram

Brian Ingram
Brian Ingram

On Monday we received some great news with MP Steph Cooke announcing $20 000 in funding from the NSW Government toward the 2019 National Cherry Festival. This funding will allow organisers to build on the success of previous years to deliver an even better Festival in 2019 and increase the economic boost to the Hilltops region. Thank you to Steph for her assistance in securing this funding.

Blaze Aid will be visiting the region with a team of volunteers from 3 March for three to six weeks. They will be based at Boorowa Showground and will work on farms across the region to repair damage caused by recent flood events. To date, 28 landholders have registered to receive assistance. The Lions Club, Rotary and Men’s Shed will be working together to cook for the volunteers throughout their stay.

The colour of water in the region has been an issue of late and I would like to remind and reassure the community that Goldenfields Water and Council routinely monitor the water supply in accordance with our Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) Plan and that the water meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Discoloured water, as regulated under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, is deemed to be an aesthetic matter rather than a public health compliance matter. The reddish-brown coloured particles (which are oxidised colloidal iron and manganese precipitates) sometimes found in your water are non-hazardous elements.

Council has committed to a water mains replacement program as part of ongoing budgets which will allow us to meet higher industry benchmarks. We will gradually renew sections of aging mains over time which will improve the reliability of water quality. This will be a long-term sustained program of investment.

On the other hand, I am pleased to confirm that we have received funding from the State Government for the scoping study for the Boorowa pipeline project to permanently improve safety and security for that community.

If you have any further enquiries regarding discoloured water in the Hilltops Local Government Area please contact Goldenfields Water on 6977 3200.

Mayor Brian Ingram

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