The Sweetest Time Of Year Is Almost Here

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Cherry Festival

Cherry Festival

The cherry season is almost here, and everyone around the Hilltops knows that is the sweetest time for Young.

This year, the beginning of summer heralds Young’s 73rd annual National Cherry Festival from December 1 to 3.

Each year, the Cherry Festival takes centre stage, infusing the community with laughter and the joyous chatter of people sharing stories from festivals gone by.

It is the only time of year that everyone can savour the freshest cherries, picked straight from the trees, a true delight.

The Hilltops region has become the undisputed Cherry Capital of Australia.

In fact, there are orchards included in the National Cherry Festival and of those, 12 allow you to pick your own cherries.

Early varieties of cherries include:

  • Supreme - sweet;
  • Merchant - well-balanced acid and sweet; and
  • Vista - tart.

Mid-season cherry varieties include:

  • Ron’s Seedling - dark red, firm and sweet;
  • Stella - sweet; and
  • Van - sweet to tart big flavour.

Late Season varieties include:

  • Bing, Sweetheart - sweet;
  • Sylvia, Lapins, Simone - sweet varieties; and
  • Black Douglas - sweet, juicy, firm dark flesh.

Set aside the first few days of December to enjoy this year’s annual National Cherry Festival in Young.


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