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Thursday’s 18 hole stroke event was won by Nigel Willett 84/60.
Runner up Barry Hazelgrove 86/64.
Barry had 2 gobbles.
Sunday was the monthly medal.
A grade – Jake Searle 75/58.
A runner up – Max Hardman 75/59.
B grade – Max Williams 77/58.
B runner up – Thadain Davies 82/63.
Ladies – Kath Hiskins 72/51.
Max Williams had 1 birdie and 1 gobble.
Gobbles – Fred Hiskins, Jake Searle, Max Hardman 1 each and Kath Hiskins 2.
Sponsor for the week is B.F.C. Group.
John Gallop Memorial Day on Sunday 14th. 2 person select partner Ambrose. $15 per player includes BBQ lunch. Tee off 9am. Ladies, a salad please. Thank you.

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