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Top 5 Garden Gear Recommendations

Written by: Glenice Buck

5 recommendations for garden gear

Continuing on from last month’s column with my top 5 recommendations for garden gear that I personally wear, here are four and five.


For the last 20 years, I have worn different types of riding boots to work in. My favourite and most long-lived has been RM Williams Yard Boots. Just so comfortable, however, recently I have been converted to a lace up boot. I have ended up with the Mongrel Safety Boot with zipsider.

The zipper has been the game changer – not having to undo or redo laces every time you take your shoes off is good. I also like the thick supportive sole and the higher coverage above my ankles for great ankle support. They have steel caps, temperature regulating linings, orthopedic arch support and the fabric is resistant to staining.

They are also actually certified to Australian standards for safety. The key items I look for in a shoe for gardening are:

  • good support especially around my ankles
  • thick sole for comfort as you are often standing/ working on uneven ground.
  • water resistant


I have only just started wearing knee pads on the days where the garden tasks require me to be down on my hands and knees all day. These knee pads (the brand is Protector Tradesman Knee pads) have been an amazing addition to my garden gear kit.

I always just ignored the fact you can buy knee pads for gardening. I simply thought, “Nope, I don’t need those.” Anyway, after 4 days of heavy duty weeding a few weeks ago, my knees were feeling the impact. My fabulous husband and business partner bought these for me and said, “Just give them a go...” What an eye opening realisation! They are great.

These ones have extra thick rubber padding on the inside to cushion the knee. They have a hard plastic outer shell which makes them water resistant and also quite durable. The outer shell is in two parts which flexes with your knee. It is also ribbed to give extra stability and grip. There are two velcro straps that are fully adjustable to attach the knee pads to your legs. If you haven’t tried them give them a go.

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