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Training To Ensure Workplace Safety And Wellbeing

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Lockdown is over, people are returning to the workplaces they haven’t seen in a while and COVID has stolen quite enough from us.

St John Ambulance NSW has urged employers to ensure the safety of their employees by considering their workplace processes and perhaps updating first aid skills to ensure that staff are able to respond appropriately in the event of a health crisis.

Employee confidence and engagement is boosted by having a safe environment to work in, according to St John Ambulance NSW CEO, Sarah Lance.

“We know that if businesses have inadequate first aid provisions including a lack of trained first aiders, mental health support, and access to equipment like defibrillators, there can be very real ramifications,” Ms Lance said.

“With people starting to return to work, it’s a great and timely reminder that there are some relatively simple steps we can take to help employees feel safe and supported.”

Face-to-face first aid courses have returned, with courses suited to every work environment. St John’s also offers online courses tailored to businesses.

One area of health that COVID has had a dramatic effect on is that of our mental wellbeing. St John Ambulance NSW offers a mental health course which has been welcomed by businesses across the State.

The Rural Fire Service Association, State Emergency Services (SES) and Business NSW recently had over 50 employees complete the mental health training.

Senior Manager of Public Affairs and Communications at Business NSW, Damian Kelly said St John Ambulance NSW’s mental health course was incredibly successful, indicating a strong interest for continued support in this area.

“Knowing that our staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge to recognise and assist in a mental health crisis is incredibly comforting, and we intend to offer this course to employees on an ongoing basis.”

St John Ambulance NSW also offers a range of workplace solutions, including rapid antigen testing, first aid audits and assessments, temperature screening, and first aid kit restocking.

Visit or phone 1300 ST JOHN for further information.

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