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Treatment With Home Comforts

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Especially during COVID-19 restrictions, it is easy to neglect your skin and mental health.

Given we’re reverting to hibernation, RenewMedica clinic is offering a salon-strength skin peel pack (for $75 and $125 including postage) traditional Chinese medicine teas and hemp oils that can be posted, many people are sending care packs to friends and family in strict lockdown. These “lockdown love” carepacks can be sent with personalised notes.

It has never been more important to ensure time to stay balanced and look for experiences that are both safe and uplifting.

Elixalife Traditional Chinese medicine teas are used to maintain health. The ones we love at this time of year are immune support, stress anxiety relief and sleep well. These selected teas, combined with the stress relief hemp oil spray is a perfect combination.

Order hemp, teas and skincare on the elixalife website or on Instagram renew_medica and on Facebook.

Liz reminds you to be kind to your skin; as it is the only one you have.

Stay hydrated, it is just as important in winter with dehydration from heating. The world you have created is a process of your thinking… think great thoughts! Stay out of your head and use support like Elixalife tcm teas and hemp oil to stay balanced.

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KMWL Market Report