Update on the Red Hill Reserve

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Red Hill Reserve.

One of the jewels in Boorowa’s crown is its Red Hill Reserve. For those not in the know, Red Hill Reserve, which is situated between Pudman and Queen Streets in the eastern part of town, is a small four-hectare Box Gum Woodland remnant reserved for environmental protection. The reserve is seeing the restoration of native flora and is also home to many species of bird, such as Laughing Kookaburras, White Plumed and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Noisy Friarbirds, Black-faced Cuckoo shrikes, and the ubiquitous Australian Magpie.

The Reserve is currently difficult to walk through due to long grasses, so we talked to Melissa Henry from the Red Hill Reserve Committee, about what the plans are for slashing.

Melissa said that the long grass has been noted by the Committee and once dry enough there are plans to get a contractor in to slash a path from gate to gate.

Having said this, slashing has been reduced in recent years as a strategy to reduce exotic plants and enable native plants to naturally regenerate and expand, which they are doing.

Last summer there was a large incursion of St John’s Wort which was sprayed in February.

Melissa said that the Red Hill Reserve Committee has been successful in gaining a $100,000 grant from the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund.

This money will be used to put in a wheelchair friendly pathway from Queen Street to the hub of the Reserve, as well as provide a car park on Queen St.

Works will start later this year, and the Red Hill Reserve Committee and Hilltops Council will deliver the project.

This is wonderful news for the town of Boorowa, as the Reserve is a great favourite with children, families, and older residents alike.

KP Carmody

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