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Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Springfield art

Victoria is an artist at heart with a passion for teaching.

Late last year Springfield Art, Inspire and Create was brought to life to offer a creative outlet.

“We have such creative towns, I just think we need to get the whole town painting,” Victoria said.

Previously an art teacher at Young Murrumburrah and at Hennesy High School, Victoria has always loved art.

“I went to art school and just loved it and want people to realise how much fun it is to paint,” she explained.

“You don’t have to be a great artist, you just have to love painting.”

Victoria’s aim with her business is to provide a place where people can connect and do something they enjoy. She feels this is good for the HIlltops region, whilst giving people the confidence to try something new.

“People lack confidence and say they can’t do something, everybody can do anything when given the opportunity,” Victoria says.

“I love being able to bring people together to paint as I find it creates community.”

Victoria offers painting classes for adults and children. She accepts state government vouchers and is soon starting to work with the NDIS.

To get in contact and to book a class, call Victoria on 0439 823 799 or email

Springfield Art

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