Winter Garden Workshop

Written by: Glenice Buck


Presented by landscape designer and horticulturist Glenice Buck We will discuss what garden tasks you can complete in your garden for Winter.

I will share with you my twenty five plus years of experience in caring for gardens.  We will get back to basics with discussions on garden tasks for winter including weeding, fertilising, mulching and how to identify and treat garden pests and diseases found in the garden in winter. I will do a pruning demonstration for winter tree pruning and rose pruning. We will discuss the practical garden tools you need to do this pruning and how to care for and look after the tools. I will then give you all the tips of what to plant in your garden, vegetable garden and flower patch for Winter. Winter is the perfect time to be propagating shrubs with hardwood cuttings. We will look at different methods of doing this.

Now is a wonderful time to be working on your compost making, worm farms and compost teas. We will discuss ways of introducing more interest in your garden for the winter months when the garden may be looking a little dull. I will demonstrate three different styles of planting out your pots to add a splash of colour to the garden. We will also discuss the care of and propagation of your indoor plants.

Following the workshop a light lunch will be provided.


When: Saturday 22nd June 2024 -10am - 1pm
Where: Glencara - Home of the Rustic Maze – The workshop will be held in the Shearing Shed
Address: ‘Lower Coolegong' 706 Jerrybang Lane Monteagle NSW 2594
Ticket Cost: $95 per person (this includes attendance, workshop notes and a light lunch)

Tickets to be purchase via Try Booking

For further information please contact Glenice on 0417077386 or email:

Glenice Buck Designs – Target

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