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At social bowls Tuesday, 25th February, 18 women enjoyed a game of 2 bowl triples. The scoring involved 1 point for a winning end and 3 points for an overall win.

Winners on the day were the team of Chris Hancock, Sheila Traynor and Kathryn Betcher having won 13 ends and an overall win giving a total score of 16 against Mary Frost, Pat Reid and Margaret Gailey. Zita Farrell, Heather Bailey and Julie Alavoine won 12 ends and overall win giving a total of 15 points against Judith Mulligan, Joy Murray and Judy Watson. Margaret Glasheen, Therese Ruhl and Kate Cooper won 8 ends and a win giving them a total of 11 points over Jenny Holt, Jill Rosen and Robyn Apps. The jackpot was not won.

District Pennants is continuing well. The Young Grade 3 side is currently on 25 points after a forfeit from Grenfell’s Grade 4 team for this coming Saturday. Cootamundra Country Club’s Grade 4 side is ahead of Grenfell. Coota Country plays Young on Thursday 27 February at Cootamundra with only one more game to be played on March 7th followed by the District presentation at Young.

In the Internal Pennant competition, Cootamundra Ex Services Club is currently on top with 9.5 points followed by Harden on 5.5 points then Young on 4 and Boorowa Ex Services Club on 1 point.

It is disappointing that the Towning Shield has been cancelled due to only 2 districts entering the competition which was to be held at Condobolin in March. The South West District was one of the 2 districts to have entered.

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