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Burrowa House
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Building works are due to commence on the upgrade to Burrowa House in Boorowa.

After applying for grants for at least 8 years, Burrowa Hostel Incorporated (BHI) was successful in an application to the Federal Government in the Aged Care Round (ACAR) for a $765,000 grant and licenses for an additional 8 beds. Work on the additional 8 beds is due to commence on the 20th of April and expected to be completed by Christmas, subject to disruptions from the coronavirus crisis.

The grant increases the number of licensed beds at the facility from 12 to 20. SQC Architecture from Canberra provided designs for the application, finalized the drawings for construction and prepared a Development Application (DA) for submission to Hilltops Council. The Development Application was approved and tenders were called for a builder.

Boorowa Hostel Incorporated President Andrew Mitchell said, “The Board wished to remain at arm’s length during the tender process to avoid any suggestion of favouritism. The architect was asked to manage the tender process and the final selection of the successful builder. The Board endorsed the architect’s choice and is pleased to announce the successful candidate as Cercol Construction of Canberra. Cercol have been directed to use as many locals as possible in the building process.”

The hostel building costs will total $3,500,000 with a $350,000 contingency, making a total spend of $3,850,000. Community fundraising so far has raised $165,000 with a further $865,000 available in grants. Burrowa House’s contribution is $1,350,000, leaving a shortfall of $1,470,000.

Burrowa House is looking to fundraise the shortfall of $1,470,000. “We had intended to have a big party/fundraiser on the commencement date but COVID-19 has taken that opportunity away,” said President Andrew Mitchell.

A ‘buy a brick’ campaign has been conducted over the years and will continue to try to lessen the shortfall. “We welcome those donations, large or small, as it all adds up. Contributions will be recognised by ‘named brick pavers’ in a special path acknowledging all the contributions.”

“Dig deep and donate because most of us will need this facility either now for our parents or for us in the future. We can give you bank account details to make a donation so you may be conscience free and maintain social spacing and self- isolation. Remember work is scheduled to start on 20 April so now is the time to donate, you can make one tax deductible donation before 30 Jun and if you are inclined another after 1 July,” said President Andrew Mitchell.

If you have any questions or for more information, phone Board President Andrew Mitchell on 0428 599 278 or Business Manager Phil Coggins on 02 6385 1007.

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