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Working towards a sustainable Hilltops

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Marg Roles

Local government is the level of government closest to the community and councillors represent their local community’s needs, wants and aspirations.

In 2017, Marg Roles was elected as a Hilltops Councillor. If elected for a second term, she will “continue to work to develop a region that is sustainable, cohesive and inclusive.”

Sustainability involves financial stability, environmental stewardship, sound economic development and strong community ties. Marg thinks we must look to embrace positive change and take advantage of opportunities offered by our rapidly changing world.

“To be sustainable economically & socially, we also need to be cohesive. We gain strength by being interconnected and working together. Working cohesively, ideas take shape and problems are solved. One idea taking shape is that Headspace, supporting youth mental health, be established in Hilltops,” said Marg.

To be inclusive is to not leave any part or group out. Marg believes there are many competing interests in a community and it’s vital that decisions are well informed, considered and balanced.

“During this second term, there are still many challenges to be faced by our consolidating Hilltops Council. However, I look to the future with optimism that our beautiful Hilltops will continue to develop in a sustainable, cohesive and inclusive way.”

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