Yass Valley Riding Club Visits Boorowa

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

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IMAGE: Boorowa residents make friends with visitors from the Yass Valley Trail Riding Club recently.

The Yass Valley Trail Riding Club visited Boorowa, a trip rated highly by participating members.

From the Ex-Services Club, the group made its way to the hospital and Boorowa Residence to do their bit to make some residents day more enjoyable. After returning to town, they crossed the river and went back to the Ex-Services for lunch.

The group was very impressed with the staff at the Ex-Services Club, going as far as to say that their gesture of hospitality exemplified their commitment to ensuring the utmost comfort and convenience for all of its visitors.

Staff went out of their way to set up tables and chairs for the group in a manner that allowed them to dine close to their horses.

The Yass Valley Trail Riding Club deeply appreciates their thoughtfulness and looks forward to potential future outings in Boorowa.

The sight of riders gracefully maneuvering through the streets left a lasting impression on the townspeople, creating a sense of unity and appreciation for the Yass Valley Trail Riding Club’s contribution to the local culture.

This visit from the group was a good reminder for road etiquette regarding livestock. Road users are urged to slow down when approaching livestock on the roads and drive away slowly.

Such road etiquette ensures that both livestock and humans are kept safe at all times. It is vital to exercise caution and remain vigilant to prevent any potential accidents or harm to either party.

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