YLAD Living Soils Future Farms Today Seminar & Field Day 20th year Anniversary

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The Spotlight on Soil

Soil is the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet, yet since white colonisation our farming systems have depleted over half our topsoil, and globally, we lose a football field of topsoil every five seconds. This alarming fact should be enough to make soils your topic of study for 2023.

Eleven expert speakers from around the world will help farmers build soil competence and resilience against climate uncertainty as YLAD Living Soils hold their 20th year anniversary Future Farms Today Seminar and Field Day on Tuesday February 28 and Wednesday March 1 at Young.

One speaker at this event will be Jade Killoran, an independent cover crop advisor and researcher, who will share positive trial results of using multispecies cover crops for grazing and soil rehabilitation.

Prof Justin Borevitz, ANU will cover understanding building soil carbon and link novel measurement and modelling tools for adaptive measurement. Edwin Blosser will cover the importance of humus for improving soil fertility and how you can make cheap foliar compost tea on your farm.

‘Whose living in your Soil’ a ‘down to earth’ talk by Dr Neil Wilson from Metagen will give you an understanding of soil microbiology and scientific genomic sequencing methods to identify who you have living in your soils and the role they play in helping you reduce synthetic fertilisers and chemicals.

Renowned worldwide speaker Graeme Sait, co-founder & CEO of Nutri-Tech Solutions, will cover ‘The State of Play – Microbes, Minerals & Humus and identifying and addressing soil constraints to increase productivity.’

Co-founder of YLAD Living Soils, Rhonda Daly will present ‘Getting it right, the 3 x 3 x 3 of understanding soil test results for profitability’.

At the Field Day to be held at ‘Milgadara’ Young, a Horsch Roller Crimper will be demonstrated giving farmers a choice of options, either graze, harvest or crimp the multispecies cover crop.

Dr Katherine Brown will demonstrate soil profiling that can be done on farm to gain a greater understanding of your soils limitations and how to amend them.

This will be demonstrated at the Field Day using a disc seeder and YLAD Humus Liquid Injection.

To learn more about Future Farms Today Seminar and Field Day head to www.yladlivingsoils.com.au website or call 1300 811 681 and speak to Julie or Rhonda.

KP Carmody

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