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The importance of a healthy soil underpins the whole of farm productivity from pastures, crops, livestock and the success and profitability determined by management practices.

Simply stated, healthy soil biology is a function of four main factors, namely soil mineral balance, soil carbon levels, structure, and absence of toxic residues. All four factors are interrelated, and each is reliant on the other for maximum soil performance.

YLAD Living Soils for the past 20 years have been helping farmers gain an understanding of these four main factors to achieve greater productivity while not at the expense of their greatest asset, their soil.

Book now for the YLAD Living Soils 20th Anniversary Future Farms Today Seminar, Field Day and Dinner which will be held on Tuesday February 28 & Wednesday March 1, 2023, in Young to learn from world experts how you can confidently integrate balanced fertility and new management techniques to move towards a future guaranteeing success.

Joel will also cover managing plant species diversity which has gained considerable interest in recent years for improved soil and livestock health and filling feed gaps. He will also speak on how plants recruit and activate soil organisms, calling on them to help supply immune enhancing nutrients to suppress pests both directly and indirectly via their own microbially mediated pathways.

As they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’! Bill Daly, co-founder of YLAD Living Soils has for 20 years being improving soil and plant nutrition leading to improved livestock health and wellbeing.

AWN Rural Wool buyer Philip Jones states ‘The YLAD & Co wool clip Milgadara/JD is consistently sought after by the wool trade for its processing ability. The wool clip shows the major attributes of crimp evenness, brightness, softness, and ultimately staple strength. This makes the wool clip attractive for all sectors of the trade, as these strengths make it ideal for high quality fabric. I congratulate the Daly family on their vision and the constant improvement of their wool clip over the past 20 years.’

Do not miss these critical lectures and catch up with other like-minded farmers, to learn how you can improve agricultural productivity and limit the negative environmental impacts that past agricultural practices have had.

At the Field Day to be held at ‘Milgadara’ Young, there will be demonstrations of the Horsch Roller Crimper, the NZ built Tow and Fert spray unit, Aeromaster Compost Turner and Tea Extraction Unit as well as witnessing soil improvements from multi-species cover-cropping.

To learn more about the Future Farms Today Seminar and Field Day, head to the yladlivingsoils.com.au website or call 1300 811 681 and speak to Julie or Rhonda.

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