Young Blood Needed For 2YYY Radio

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Young’s own community radio station 2YYY urgently needs younger volunteers.

Local radio station 2YYY is looking for voices on mics. That’s right, they have put the call out for young blood to volunteer to present on-air.

President of 2YYY, James Wall said it has been difficult to attract younger volunteers, particularly post COVID. “We have a population that is aging,” Mr Wall said.

“All our volunteers are older people. Nearly everybody who goes on air is older. Being on radio is the most fun you can have.”

Mr Wall said they were constantly putting calls out on social media and posting on the town community page, thinking ‘if you don’t fish you’re never going to catch a fish’, but had minimal response. “It’s nearly like a behaviour change in the community,” he said.

Volunteers get to play the music of their choice during their time on-air unless they are doing the four-hour request segment.

Mr Wall said that there was plenty of scope to learn skills such as time management, research, and using the mixing desk while you’re working on the show.

Time management - you have to get the news on at exactly the right second, so if you talk a little too long you might need to substitute a shorter song to fit it in. “They’re all skills that younger people can transplant into a resume,” Mr Wall said.

2YYY is a local radio station with local volunteers delivering local content. “We are local,” Mr Wall said.

“Any community group here in the Hilltops who wants to promote their group - it’s free for us.”

“We do a local sport show on Saturdays. We also do bush poetry on Wednesday nights. We try to tailor our shows to what the community wants.”

“I retired when we moved to Young. I came to the radio station with an idea for a radio show, just an idea and walked out of the station with my own show.”

If you’d like to try your hand - or voice - at 2YYY Community Radio, drop in at the station at 44A Lovell Street and complete the volunteer form. You can also phone 6382 7200 or email

Training is provided and fun is guaranteed.

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