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Young Food Hall Celebrates Renovations

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(Top) Young Food Hall volunteers and committee members with the NSW Governor Margaret Beazley and her husband. (Top Right) Young Food Hall volunteer, Sue Watson accepts a $1000 donation from Caitlin and Jimmy from Karaoke and Trivia.

Following recent renovations to the Young Food Hall (YFH) premises at 100 Main Street, it seemed appropriate to look back over the past year or so. The renovations have created a new, brightly lit space for the YFH with an entrance on Cloete Street.

In December 2022, NSW Governor Margaret Beazley visited the Young Food Hall with her husband as part of her tour of the district.

This visit enabled a better understanding of the operations and allowed the Governor to meet volunteers and committee members and talk about the benefits of the food hall with local users.

Both Governor Beazley and her husband were appreciative of the effort put in by volunteers and encouraged its continued operation.

The success of the facility is due to the support of the community.

Hilltops Council provided grants to ensure the volunteers had the best equipment available to make their jobs easier.

Funds from South West Slopes Credit Union and Young Causmag Operations enabled the committee to purchase new shelving and power-saving fridges and freezers.

Other groups and individuals within the Young community have also made anonymous donations and local schools continue to make donations of food from food drives, as do Hilltops producers and community members.

The committee thanks Young Karaoke and Trivia for choosing YFH as the recipient of $1000 raised via the trivia nights held at the Commercial Hotel.

Thanks go to everyone for being so community-minded and making life easier for those living in the Hilltops region.

The YFH celebrated its 9th birthday in September 2023 and as they look forward to celebrating 10 years of operation, the committee sincerely thanks its volunteers who now service 70 to 80 people every week, an increase to the figures this time last year.

Over 100 hampers, which only cost clients $20 each, were handed out in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

They are proud to assist the people of Hilltops during their hard times and invite anyone with a current Centrelink Health Care Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card or Pension Card to seek out the Young Food Hall. Operating hours are 9 am to 12:30 pm on Wednesdays.

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