Young Indoor Bowls Report

Written by: Young Services Club


IMAGE: Heather Martin, George O’Neill and Bob Martin take out the win at Young Indoor Bowls on Monday night.

It was a great night of indoor bowls with 14 members playing two games of ten ends.

Bob Martin, George O’Neill and Heather Martin beat runners-up Barry Johnson, Sue Palin, Andrew Lesiuk and Eric Gluyas.

The winners clocked up 2 wins and 25 points ahead of the runners-up 1 win and 26 points.

Hap Richens won the Club Voucher.

New players are always welcome to join the weekly bowling shenanigans at the Young Services Club on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Everyone arrives at 6 pm for a 6:30 pm start.

Contact Barry at 0400 987 684 for more information.

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