Young Indoor Bowls Report

Written by: Young Services Club


LEFT: Wilma Moors and Rod Palin enjoy their win at Indoor Bowls on Monday night. RIGHT: John Jones, Thelma Roberts and Brian Butcher take the win on Wednesday night’s Indoor Bowls.

Eight Indoor bowlers turned up to play on Monday night, October 2, but Rod Palin and Wilma Moors went home with the win.

Wednesday night, October 4 was great fun, with 17 members coming out to play.

Thelma Roberts, Brian Burcher and John Jones won the night with 25 points, with Chris Wright, Wilma Moors and George O’Neil were close runners-up with 24 points.

Indoor Bowls is played at the Young Services Club on Monday and Wednesday nights, with players meeting at 6 pm for a 6:30 pm start.

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