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Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage

What exciting news for Mitsubishi customers across Australia with the announcement of 10 years warranty, 10 years capped service.

Starting October 1st 2020, Mitsubishi Australia has adopted the most substantial warranty ever offered on a new vehicle in Australia, Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage, creating the best peace of mind for consumers and assuring the confidence in the new Mitsubishi range to have the best warranty available.

Providing consumers have their new vehicle serviced as per the capped service schedule with any Mitsubishi dealer nationally, across Australia you will enjoy the benefits of this comprehensive warranty.

What better way to treat yourself with one of Mitsubishi’s great range of vehicles from the ASX to the rugged Triton, you will have assurance with your new 10+10 coverage.

See the team from Young Mitsubishi today at 15 Zouch St and enjoy the friendly and knowledgeable service the guys can offer as part of the HGH Motor Group. Phone 02 6382 1155 and follow the prompts.


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