Young PCYC Starjump

IMAGE: Proceeds from the StarJump Challenge go towards the GRIT program.

Young PCYC are on the last leg of their very successful Star Jump challenge. The Club’s Mikalah Duffy-Yates said it was good to see so many local businesses and schools get behind the fundraiser, not to mention the jumpers themselves.

“We had about 15 people involved,” Ms Duffy-Yates said. “Our youngest member who signed up was about 9 or 10 and our oldest jumper was 50.”

This year, proceeds from the PCYC Star Jump Challenge go towards the organisation’s GRIT program. GRIT stands for Growth-mindset Resilience Intervention for Teenagers.

The program aims to give young people the tools to live physically and mentally healthy lives.

Anxiety, stress, depression and other mental challenges have an ever-increasing presence in our young people’s lives.

PCYC’s GRIT program focuses on building physical well-being to help build resilience, grit and an optimistic approach to daily life.

The organisation has already raised in excess of $80,000. After the Star Jump Challenge, Young PCYC will move straight into their school holiday program.

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