Young Theatre Company Presents My Fair Lady

Young Theatre Company presents My Fair Lady

“With a Little Bit Of Luck” – one of the popular songs from My Fair Lady sung by the character Alfred Doolittle. This is what the cast of the show is now hoping, that all will go well and be received well by the public.

After three months of solid work, all is coming together and following the first dress rehearsal this week, the cast can see their efforts paying off.

Getting into costume helps the actors realise that they are portraying a character and that they really have to act. This is no problem for experienced actors such as Julie O’Connor who has been on stage many times. She has easily slipped into Eliza Doolittle’s skin, cockney accent and all and then is able to transform into “the lady” that Professor Higgins has made her. Her singing voice needs no introduction to Young audiences and the songs in this show were made for her.

In contrast, there is Professor Higgins, aptly portrayed by Rob Provan. Rob is usually seen in plays in an acting or directing role and many do not realise that he has a great singing voice, which is ideally suited for his part in this show, particularly when he sings “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face”.

In contrast to Higgins, we have his friend Colonel Pickering, who has his doubts about Higgins making a lady of Eliza. This role is played by Eris Gleeson, who is making a comeback after a few years away from the stage. Eris needs no introduction to Young audiences and his singing voice is well known.

The other two main singing roles are played by Phil Mitchell as the dustman and Eliza’s father Alfred Doolittle, his strong voice is just right for the songs he has to sing and Peter O’Connor, who plays the love-sick Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Peter serenades us with his fine voice in the song, “On The Street Where You Live”.

Apart from these leading actors, there are several other main roles all portrayed by regular Company members, Kerrie Provan, Joy Rule, Barbara Granger, John Roxburgh, Keith Eatock and a chorus of both familiar and new faces.

All in all it should be a great show that loyal patrons will enjoy. The show opens on August 30th and runs over two weekends. Bookings are at M&Ms Music Studio.

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