Young Town Band Hosts World Premiere Performance

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Young Town Band will host a world premiere performance of a piece of music specifically created for them by award-winning composer Daniel Brinsmead on Sunday, April 24 at Young Town Hall.

The Young Town Band has delighted the community over the years, but they are offering up something truly unique this month.

Spokesperson Rodney Clancy said the group had commissioned an award-winning composer to create a concert piece specifically for them. “It is suitable for any country town band and any grade level,” Mr Clancy said.

“It is suitable for new beginners right through to medium-advanced musicians. It is a piece of music in which you can see an advanced musician sitting alongside a beginner playing from different sheets, but it is the same song.”

The piece will be rehearsed on the day of the world premiere performance and will consist of a Fanfare, Chorale and March section. Rehearsals will commence at 10am at the Young Town Hall on Sunday, April 24.

“Everyone will be on the same page together,” Mr Clancy said.

“Nobody will have been practising for weeks prior. Everyone will be rehearsing the piece for the very first time.”

All up, 15 town bands have been invited to participate in this world premiere event and they will be invited to play a set of their own standard repertoire before recombining for the second half of the show.

The day will also include ANZAC Day hymns and the National Anthem.

The composer, Daniel Brinsmead, is Melbourne-based, but studied in Canberra at the ANU School of Music and is now working with concert bands.

“He won an Abbey Road Studios award. It’s a very prestigious award. I’ve known Daniel Brinsmead for a number of years. I’m a Canberra resident and I got to know him as a friend and colleague when he was studying.”

The Young Town Band has been going for approximately 160 years and has been working hard during COVID to fulfil the community’s need for performances, which has been difficult since there have been no performances.

They have also been trying to build their presence in the community, particularly after the challenges of COVID.

“Before COVID, we averaged 19 or so members at performances,” Mr Clancy said.

“Now we are averaging around 11 or so. We have Year 10 students right through to retirees and we do not have any minimum standard. You just have to be willing to come along.”

The group has a few loaner instruments, so if you have your own concert instrument that is an added bonus.

Young Town Band is currently looking for new members and welcomes people from right across the Hilltops region.

Active participation in a community group looks great on a CV for youngsters about to leave school or move on to Uni, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to put back into the community.

They recently joined forces with the Cootamundra Town Band to host a combined concert.

For more information or to register your interest in joining the Young Town Band or the World Premiere Event, contact Rodney Clancy on 0408 488 749 or shoot him an email at

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