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Lawn Bowls
Lawn BowlsLawn Bowls

On Thursday, 17th September, a special afternoon of mixed bowls was held to farewell Jock Rogerson who has been a great asset to the Young Bowling Club, volunteering many hours of his time and effort.

There were 48 players who made up 16 teams to play 3 bowl Triples.

Results were as follows:
Brian Christie, Kate Cooper and Geoff Holt played Milan Brankovic, Robyn Apps and Peter Slater with a win to Geoff’s team – 29/12.

Jenny Holt, Harold Anderson and Tom Apps played Albert Carter, Margaret Gailey and Colin Stokell with Tom’s team winning 24/13.

Tony Ruhl, Kathryn Betcher and Mark Anderson beat Pat Walker, Terry Holmes and John Cooper – 27/17.

Aldo Malvicino, Colin Parker and Ian Schofield had a win of 27/17 over Judith Mulligan, Doug Schofield and Kevin Porter.

Brian March, Darryle Miller and Margo Parker won their game against Ian Gailey, Kevin Brian and Terry Mulligan – 23/16.

James Freudenstein, Sheila Traynor and Joe Bargwanna played Stephen Walsh, Jill Rosen and Bob Ruhl – 19/14.

Stuart Freudenstein, Heather Bailey and Cliff Traynor had a close win over Max Cooke, Justin Nowlan and Damien Miller – 16/14.

Margaret Glasheen, Tom Preston and Colin Powell played Judy Watson, Jock Rogerson and George Summerville with the score 21/20 to Colin’s team. No team won the jackpot but Geoff Holt’s team were the winners on the day.

It is hoped the men and women will unite more often on Thursday afternoons.

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