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Winning Triples team Honor Stollery, Jenny Holt and Sheila Traynor.
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The YWBC Triples Championship began Thursday, 27th August. In the 1st round, the team of Honor Stollery, Jenny Holt and Sheila Traynor had a resounding victory over Judith Mulligan, Heather Bailey and Margaret Gailey 26/3. Sheila’s team played so well and no matter what Margaret’s team did they were no match for the winning team.

The other game played in the 1st round was between Robyn Tierney, Kate Cooper and Margo Parker who narrowly defeated Zita Farrell, Margaret Glasheen and Judy Watson, 19/18. Judy’s team led all the way until the last 2 ends.

On Wednesday afternoon, 2nd September, the semi-final was played. Jill Rosen, Ann Gardner and Julie Alavoine played against Robyn Tierney, Kate Cooper and Margo Parker. Julie’s team was leading 13/6 half-way through the game but Margo’s team started to put the pressure on, winning the last 5 ends. The final score was 16/15 to Julie’s team.

The final of the Triples was played the following day with Julie’s team playing Sheila’s team. It was a great final. Halfway through the game the score was 11/5 Julie’s way, but then Sheila’s team won the next 5 ends making the score 15 all on the 18th end. Going into the last end, the score was 18/15 Sheila’s way and although Julie’s team won a point, the final score was 18/16. Congratulations to Honor, Jenny and Sheila on winning the Club Triples.

While the final was being played, a social game of Fours was played between Heather Bailey, Therese Ruhl, Margaret Gailey and Kate Cooper against Zita Farrell plus Pat, Chris and Robyn from Harden. It was a great friendly game with Kate’s team winning 27/5, thus winning the vouchers on the day.

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